Just keep swimming

I think it’s human nature to automatically think of worst case scenarios when something goes bad. Why not think of best case scenarios? When something unexpected happens, you should move away from the situation, however that may be. Give yourself time to process what is going on so that you are not clouded by anything. This will ensure that you make a better judgment call.

The worst thing I could do is pull the “why me” card. Sure, it’s easy to think that bad things only happen to us but that’s certainly not the case. Although frustrating, I believe that these occurrences keep us humble and allow us to slow down a bit.

There’s no denying that my career at the newspaper was a BIG part of my life. Learning that there was an ending to that story was devasting and frightening. I needed time to mourn. During that time, I have found out that if you listen to yourself, you will know right from wrong and come close to comprehending your full potential. If you put out positive vibes, good stuff will come back to you! This is much easier said than done… trust me… I know. But, I needed to keep my head up.

Don’t dream it; Be it! Don’t Try It; Do It!

Even at 42, I have embraced the fact that the unexpected always happens—it is an inevitable phenomenon. No matter what we do, we can never fully be prepared for this ambiguous and unknown occurrence.

I received a message on my LinkedIn account from the president of a Media/Marketing company. He said he was impressed with my background in design and loved my portfolio. “Wait, did I apply for this job? Why was this man messaging me?” I was curious. I wrote him back. He replied that he had been searching for a designer to take his company to another level and he came across my name. Was the universe playing tricks on me? Wow, this putting positive vibes out into the world really works!!!!
This man spoke my language. He dreams big! He has been waiting for the right person to help achieve his vision for his company.

Where do I sign? Yes, that’s right. I accepted the job. When something like this comes looking for you, how do you say no?

Leaving the newspaper, the people and job that I have loved for 18 years, is a learning experience. Whatever the situation and whatever the outcome, I choose to grow from it. I asked myself, ‘you can let the experience make you bitter or better’

I choose better!


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